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Hello, I'm Ali.close

My technical expertise is multi-faceted, including both frontend & backend website & web application development.


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A Brief Summary.

I started Key Medium in Febuary 2014, where I'm the Chief Developer. I develop awesome experiences and solutions in a simple, yet elegant manner. Some recent works are available on my portfolio.

Prior to Key Medium, I was a consultant for the Pennsylvania DOT's Engineering District as a Web Developer & Project Technician for nearly 3 years.

  • doneI developed a custom CMS,
  • doneenforced quality standards,
  • doneimproved company guidelines, and
  • doneworked with teams on over $200 million worth of projects.

Prior to that, I developed a niche network of websites, garnering over 50 million unique visitors from 2005 to 2011 (incorporated in 08'). I built up nearly two-dozen projects from the ground-up.

Handcrafted by Ali.

This website is made with responsive design principles, material design principles that were pioneered by Google, the JavaScript library jQuery, as well as the web framework Materialize CSS.

  • This website's technology is built on the LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).
  • doneThis website conforms to W3C's HTML5 standards.
  • doneAverage page-render is 6/1000ths of a second.
  • donePageSpeed: 89/100 (Rated by Google).
  • doneUser Experience: 100/100 (Rated by Google).

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