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PHP Login Framework with OAUTH
PHP Login Framework with OAUTH

A minimal, yet extremely functional framework, with social network/OAUTH provider integration.

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The Code: Story of Linux
The Code: Story of Linux

A documentary on how Linux came about. Check it out.

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Responsive & Seamless Fullscreen Video
Responsive & Seamless Fullscreen Video

An awesome snippet which prepares a video for awesome, seamless embedding.

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Prevent Form Data Loss with jQuery

Dummy proof your app and ensure your data is saved, always!

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Simple Search with jQuery

What this snippet below does: cleans up a search query and reloads a corresponding page to display the results. This is just for the front-end!

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Social Pop! Widget

An open-source social sharing widget.

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Text and Email Contact Form with Bootstrap, jQuery & ..

A simple form that can be used to send texts and emails via PHP, with jQuery and Bootstrap.

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