Hiawatha: The No BS Web Server.

Designed around security and performance, this web server is probably the best that's available for both high-end and low-end servers.

I use Hiawatha on several virtual private servers, as well as a dedicated server. It runs absolutely flawlessly. Getting it up and running was cake, I just really wish I found out about it sooner!

From custom security configuration, to load balancing and very modern security. Couple that with little, if any issues -- this server will surely not be a point of opportunity for any adversary. A system's security is, after all, as strong as the weakest point of failure.

I do not fall to phishing schemes, so no luck trying to get to it through any personal account. Every piece of open source technology I use is more often than not, up-to-date. Perhaps that may be a vantage point -- to hack through the latest security patches. But, I do imagine a heavy DDOS attack will be enough to take down one of my measly VPS' running Hiawatha, but I doubt that also since the custom configuration is rigged to detect and help block against this.

All in all, it is now in my toolbox as my go-to. I just need to replace Apache on my last server at some point soon. I do plan to try out the Banshee PHP Framework by Hugo, as well as the awesome-looking server-monitor also. Should be an awesome experience based on Hiawatha so far! Hugo really did a fantastic job with making available the URL Toolkits, or the equivalent of .htaccess/mod_rewriting, for tons of frameworks and CMS' including WordPress, Laravel and more.

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