The Importance of Video Online

Video is projected to account for a majority of online traffic by 2017.

Video is the most important tool in communicating online. From a mother sharing a video of her child's first steps with her family, to a brand reaching target audiences with their story or message through video. 

Sure, video accounts for most of the internet's traffic...and it is an important tool used to communicate a message... but engagement after watching a video and during is of the utmost importance to us (as it should be for most of the video solution providers).

Regardless of the type of video, viewers must be able to hyper-engage with video. However, one aspect wherein video online is currently lacking: interaction with viewers. Viewers who enjoy a video should be able to engage with the content with absolute ease. There should be no impediment in their interaction.

74% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2017.

And, Consumers love branded video! In 2015, 84% of consumers have liked a branded video in their social media news feed, and more than half have watched company videos deployed through email, Animoto reported.

Source: Think with Google

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