Private File Share

A totally new, awesome anonymous file-hosting service.

I've been working on-and-off with file sharing for the past 10+ years. I've reached many, many millions of downloads and people alike. Regardless of that, many of my file sharing services only lasted several years, but I aim to keep this project around because it's just so damn useful. I've been deliberating since 2012 about how Private File Share should look, but I've only recently mustered a concentrated effort on creating an awesome new project and service.

One of my first file sharing service was in 2007 or so -- an image host by the name of ("were" in German, if I remember properly). That service reached hundreds of thousands, and I just couldn't keep up with it. 

And even before that, I had developed a useful video-sharing service out of sheer frustration... there was no quick and reliable video host in 2005 (ironically the same year YouTube came out). I called my service URL for Video, and it did precisely that -- it gave a URL in exchange for a .WMV video, and whichever other formats were popular back in the day (2005 archive).

10 years later, I'm proud to announce that I'm working on it -- as well as a parallel service called Private File Share!

Right now, Private File Share is it's at it's absolute infancy -- yet features an encrypted password option, easy removal option, and of course -- has a link to share the file to others. The 3 core principles I've always adhered to now, and in the past -- security, simplicity, and privacy. Encrypted passwords go through a user-to-user protocol, I can't even see them. And, it's really simple to use and share!

Private File Share sits on the most secure open-source web server software possible. The SSL feature (as well as a handful of other cool features) are currently queued for development.

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