Setting Up a Productive Ubuntu Work Environment

As a developer, my environment needs to include all the necessary tools and should be devoid of distraction. Here's my latest setup with Ubuntu.

So, previously I wrote about installing my new SSD; I couldn't get Windows 10 installed, the installer didn't let me proceed past the drivers section for some reason. I think I know why, but after an hour I was just fed up with Microsft as a company in general. I still have my old HD with everything formatted and I can just pop it back in, create an image from recovery and load it on to the SSd -- but Microsoft is the epitome of bloat-ware.

So far, Ubuntu has been a pleasant experience. I easily booted it up, after I swtiched my BIOS from UEFI to Legacy mode -- a "security feature" which Microsoft enforces on manufacturers -- which took me like 20 minutes to figure out after it wasn't booting properly, heh.

I very much enjoy utilizing BlueFish Editor; as I'm used to editing files via FTP through a plugin on NotePad++, it's truly a great transition as BlueFish supports FTP also. And, I just installed Apache, MySQL and PHP with PHPmyAdmin. If you are following this, don't forget to restart apache after editing the /apache2.conf file to include the phpmyadmin file. sudo service apache2 restart I love that Ubuntu is based on Debian, truly. My current work environment will surely help sharpen my linux skills, and I'm currently setting up my third dedicated server for my upcoming service offering which I'll soon announce!

Good bye, Windows. My next computer is sure to be an OSX.

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