Social Pop! Widget

An open-source social sharing widget.

I've never been a fan of AddThis due to privacy concerns, so I use a locally-hosted, hand-crafted social sharing widget. Feel free to do so as well. Get it here.

What are the benefits? There are performance and privacy benefits derived from using a locally hosted social sharing widget. Plus, all it takes is one simple snippet of code to embed into your website:

<script src="socialpop.js?tw|fb|gp|li"></script>

Here it is in use:

----- CUSTOMIZE -----
1. You can choose which icons to show; use their abbreviations (tw|fb|gp|li), seperated w/ the 'pipe' symbol ( | )
2. You can set window dimensions below; height (h) and width (w), defaulted to 626x436
3. Feel free to delete any comments for performance benefits (minimal file-size savings)

----- CREDIT -----
-This widget is built upon Compartir v0.04. Kudos to the team on the excellent work. 
-I've never used AddThis, as I've always suspected privacy & security issues. 
-This is also the main reason why I'm extending your work!

----- UPCOMING -----
in v0.2 -- I'll add base64 encoded icons to reduce http requests, 
as well as more social sharing sources. 

Source: Social Pop! (Github)

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