What I expect from Philly Tech Week

So, Philly Tech Week has been going on for sometime now. What should we expect to see this year?

Tech week starts tomorrow, and I plan to hit up a couple of tech startups -- including SideCar where my buddy Joe works at. He'll likely be playing beer pong and goofing off, haha! I'm a little rusty at pong, but it'll still be fun to mess around and throw a few back. After that, there are 10 other startups in the Philly Startup Crawl (signup here for free) --  including a few co-working spaces like Industrious & Benjamin's Desk, which are likely a hotbed of awesome, productive peeps!

I expect to see a bunch of tech geeks (like last year), as well as journalists, entrepreneurs, and curious people in general. Most events are free, so there's no reason not to go to at least one! 

I expect to meet you awesome Philadelphians there, and have a ton of fun!

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